TYC Baobab Buddy Shampoo

TYC’s Shampoo Not Returnable!!!


To battle the harming impacts of our insane choc-o-block way of life, contamination, stress and hormonal awkwardness. TYC’s Baobab Buddy Shampoo goes about as the lone arrangement that assists with reinforcing, ensure, clean, fix and restore a wide range of hair back to joy! The multi-reason Baobab Buddy Shampoo holds sustenance and gives fundamental protein that improves hair strands and limits frizz by regular use. Appropriate for all ages and hair types. The regular frothing specialist likewise smoothens hair and cleans adequately yet delicately. Supports ordinary oil discharge: Most shampoos contain manufactured fixings that produce a ‘develop’ impact on the scalp when utilized day by day. This influences the scalp’s typical oil discharge. TYC’s Shampoo is liberated from synthetic compounds that cause scalp develop, hence encouraging typical oil discharge.

  1. It is a Suphate Free Shampoo made with Ecocert Organic Baobab protein.
  2. Delicately purges and attempts to reestablish dampness to hair while shielding hair from shading blur, every day stresses and future harm.
  3. Gives the correct protein sustenance from root to tip, Revitalizes and Nourishes.
  4. Hair Fall Control Shampoo For Men and Women – 300 ML
  5. A pH adjusted natural plan, it assists with reinforcing hair strands
  6. Assists with fixing natural debasement.