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Work Smarter Not Harder


Step by step instructions to Improve Your Work Productivity and Get Things Done! 

Might you want to realize how to complete more when you work distantly, work in a desk area, or work at home for your own business? It is safe to say that you are allowing interruptions to run your day? Is it accurate to say that you are thinking that its difficult to zero in on significant ventures?
Work Smarter Not Harder is your own guide for causing you on your excursion to expanded efficiency and better work propensities.
This book helps you achieve more at work, with tips like:
  • The basic blocks of productivity and why they should be prioritized first, before making any changes to your work day
  • Questions to ask before your next meeting (tip #7)
  • A strategy to help keep your inbox clean (tip #9)
  • Why breaks are not necessarily a waste of time (tip #11)
  • Two types of checklists and when to use which (tip #13)
People who work smarter select a tiny set of priorities and make huge efforts in those areas. They focus on creating value for the end user, not just reaching pre-set goals. The fact that you get your excellent reports in on time, every time, doesn’t mean they add any value. They only add value if they are read or considered by the recipients. Smart working avoids mindless repetition. The famous 10 000 hours of practice won’t improve your management ability. It only works with an activity that has a fixed rule structure. Instead, you need to practice ever better skills.
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