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Which place is better to work Office or Home?

Answer to the question which place is better to work office or home? My answer should be Home. I can bet approximate 90% people not agree. They prefer to work from office. Reason for that, thinking of people, they can complete their official work better from office. I will say, if we plan our work and daily schedule, we can easily manage from home and get more time with family.

Planning is most important thing of life. Which is very important while Working from Home. Work from home got so much hectic that also in day work, when day passed and night start didn’t know. Work in night while work from home is much enjoyable. All family members are slept. No one to disturb during work.

I will say choose wisely, which one you prefer to choose. Before choosing keep below point in mind. Prefer to work 8-9 hours a day. In INDIA, no company have policy for 4 days working. I read somewhere that few of INDIAN companies thinking about to shift policy of 5 day working (9hrs a day) to 4 days working (12hrs a day).

So work from home or office which one your prefer? Leave in comment your choice.

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