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Natural Alum Whole Phitkari

Things not Returnable!!!

Alum Also Called Shaving Alum . Alum Is Often Utilized To Filter Impurities Through Water And Make It Clean. Anyway This The Only Use Of The Salt As It Could Be Utilized For Numerous Beauty And Health Functions. Directly From Dealing With Acne To Helping You Deal With Muscle Cramps, You May Use Alum To Solve Many Health Conditions. Furthermore, The Best Part Is, It Really Is Readily Available At Very Economical Prices. Cleans And Glows The Skins And Gives Cool Touch And Finish To Shaving. Soothes Muscle Cramps , Alum For Cracked Heels , Alum For Bleeding Cuts, Alum For Shaving , Alum For Water Purification, Alum As A Deodorant, Alum For Hair Removal, Alum For Wrinkles, Alum For Treating Pimples, Alum For Lice Treatments Prevents Pre-Mature Aging , Alum For Body Odor.