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Version 2.0

Today, we are talking about a person, who is not known by his name but his work tells about him. He started a venture to support people who are depressed & want to discuss freely with someone. Another venture he started is to support families of soldiers who laid down their life for the country & their families need support. This is his Version 2.0.

In Spite of these ventures, he is working as a Freelance Digital Marketing part time. He is a blogger. With his work, he loves workouts. He practiced Muay Thai Kickboxing. He does cycling daily.

His workout mantra Version 2.0

Eat whatever you want, do workout hard

Cycling at Jayanti Dam

To workout you need to eat, so eat & do workout. Workout can be of any form. Once you start workout for a minute it’s automatically increased for 15 minutes at start. Then the same will increase.

As per him age is no limit to learn & start any venture anytime. You need to put 100% during the start & venture will get more successful with support of family & friends.

As per him, there are no boundaries who STOP you to do work, enjoy or anything you want. Whatever you want to do, you can do. You need to find a Positive mindset first. Once you get a positive mindset, you will find a positive environment everywhere. You will interact with positive mindset people.

Then you need to look for a Positive mindset Mentor. Once you find a good Mentor then your more ways are open to perform any task or start any venture. Your Mentor will help you guide with ways. Try this, you will never fail.

His best saying, “Never let child inside your to die. Keep those children alive every day. If not possible try to keep charging those children 3 times a week.”¬†Same will help you a lot.

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