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New Year 2023

Start of the day with travel on New Year 2023. Want to explore Tehri, after heavy Breakfast at Hotel decided to go for a walk before went to drive and visit with family to a water house boat property. Some 4 km walk in hills with visit of tourist destination of water sports.

While walking explored Tourist destination in Tehri is Tehri Dam and Water sport activities like boating, jet skiing etc.

There is government undertaking cottages just about side of Water sport activities to stay with lake view.

Le Roi has 2 properties in tehri, One Hotel at land and another one swim house which is on water. Both locations are some 21 km apart. Even house boat have live performance of music. Best destination to enjoy and start of New Year 2023.

Worth to spend time with family by visiting tehri and enjoy lake view from hotel and house boat visit. Property is worth to stay, only thing house boat stay comes out of budget for most ratio of visitors.

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