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Politics of Private Sector


Today, i m going to talk about Politics. As you read in Headline that states clearly about Blog is Politics in Private Sector. Now you are thinking about Politics, that in Private Sector.

Yes! politics of Private sector is much worse than main politics. If you see, politics is now anywhere and everywhere. You can’t ran out from this. Since from joining of private sector, You will be started to get trap in politics. Where you can’t use your mind to increase growth. All that depend on your superiors.

Superiors who doesn’t want to work, just want to enjoy leverage of private sector, you find most. Example, If you see Animal Planet channel, there most of times channel show, “How Lioness attack on prey”. Something like that you will see in private sector.

If you think carefully on above point, i think you also agree with that point. You will see yourself as prey, who are trapped in jungle of private sector. Hunters are very where to attack you. To save your life or hide from them, you are searching jobs, changing locations or try many more things.

Reality, you can’t save yourself from them. Saviour from them is either you just lay down in front of them to save yourself or search self interest work, where you might not get prey of hunters.

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