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The simplest way to make the best of marketing!!!


Let’s start findings about marketing. What does marketing actually mean? Do you know there are laws & fundamentals in marketing? As you experience the perusing beneath, you will become familiar with marketing.

What is Marketing & Components to use?

First you have to know that Marketing is science to sell. We start thinking about marketing before the production of the product starts. During Marketing planning, the below point needs to take care.

  • No fake promises & messages customer likes. Messages should be correct about the product.
  • Decision about when to bring the product in front of the customer.
  • Target Customer.
  • Keep old customers to communicate about products by various ways of communication.

Main components of marketing.

  • Advertising
  • Copywriting
  • Sales

Secrets of Marketing

Position to create.

Main points of marketing are to borrow the trust of customers, strangers who are not customers & create a position in the mind of people.

Example:- I searched for a good internship programme for the past 1 year. Visited lots of sites & Apps. Finally joined now one of the trusted intern programmes. Observed from the past few months lots of people show trust in the Programme.

Evergreen Marketing asset

You are surprised to know that when we discuss a product or something, we are actually marketing for that. You know word to mouth is the biggest asset of marketing 

Example :- we borrowed some product & product worked so well. You recommend the same to friends & family. Similarly, I visited a restaurant where I found snacks better than others. I will recommend my friends to visit the restaurant & order snacks which I tasted.

Perception, Reality and Quality

You will be surprised to know that marketing is perception & product is reality. Example:- we heard that 5G is coming, few telecom operators say that we have tested 5G. We are now in the perception of when 5G comes, these new things going to happen, like surgeons can do operation while traveling. At malls, cars pick parking slots automatically.

Reality will know when these types of products are launched & people start using them.

Few truths in marketing, you need to build a strong brand with product quality in your product category. Market is always competitive, you will find 2-3 players in every field. Point is you need to choose different angles from the market for your growth. Marketing is not an out of fashion thing and not out of source to things. Before outsource for marketing. Marketers should have basic knowledge of marketing.

How to communicate?

As a marketing person, you need to make yourself ready to sell your knowledge, with this you never move out of market. You have to be in good communication with everyone which helps you keep your customers bound to you & help to bring other customers. Try to have a little knowledge of economics to keep yourself updated. You know how to let people spend more. This will also help in the increase of country economics. You should also know, which customer you need to target? 

Target Customer should be who can avail normal facilities & whom income comes into approx. monthly income of 30k or more.

Ways of Marketing

Below table will help to understand the difference between Traditional & Digital Marketing.

Traditional vs Digital

In today’s world, Digital Marketing is possible anytime & from anywhere. We can track responses from customers and even track sales.

Example :- Early morning or late night, you are browsing on social media, suddenly you saw an advertisement about some product. You want to know about that product, you just click on the link, you read about the product & you can buy instantly. No need to even wait for the market to open to visit shops & BUY.

Why is Niche with funnel required?

To be more successful in the market, you have to find Niche & make funnel. Focus on that Niche, you will impress the customer & same help in increase of wealth. 

Niche is a combination of T.M.P (Talent, Market, Passion). Funnel is a combination of CATT (Content, Attention, Trust & Transaction). When you final your niche, you need to prepare content. Once content is ready, the same will attract customers & trust will build. Where trust builds, transactions done chances are higher. 

Below table will help to understand the difference between General & Niche Marketing.

General vs Niche

How to earn Wealth by a process?

To earn wealth, there is a process which is called Integrated Digital Marketing Process. The role of integrated marketing communication is to guarantee the synergic impact between the brand situation and values, acquiring a typical message of all correspondence strategies, sent on an uncommon tone, intended to have the effect among items. Below Image will help to understand the flow.

Integrated Process

Loss Without Personal Branding

Personal Brand

Last one is Personal Branding. How to market yourself to earn mass trust?

Personal branding is very important to make investors impress so that they will invest in your companies or projects. If investors don’t know you, they will take time or might not be interested in investing. 

Example :- I approached my friend to take a project of digital marketing for his Drink Brand. He didn’t show interest in giving projects or investing in me. As I didn’t brand myself in front of him. What did I get? Rejection. From there I understand that I need to learn, How to brand myself.

We can take the example of Mr. Ratan Tata. Everyone knows him. If he went to some company with some people to invest in his companies, everyone would happily invest, they all know him. Now the question is why would everyone happily invest in his companies because he presents himself in the market & he has mass trust with him. 

Below table will help to understand the evolution of Personal Brand.

  • Learn :- Make your concepts clear, Read the facts & Procedures.
  • Work :- What you learn, start practice & implement. 
  • Blog :- Write a blog with the combination of work you done & experience you got.
  • Consult :- Start consultation.
  • Mentor :- Start mentoring others.
  • Startup :- Start your own company.


Books helped in personal growth & Knowledge. Will recommend to read.

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Outline :-  

Now you learn about marketing. It is a science which starts before production of Product. Trust, time, target & retention are very important parts. Mainly it is a game of trust with which you can not only retain your old customers but you can bring new customers also. Biggest asset of Marketing is Word to mouth, which never ends. You need to keep understanding that to keep marketing run, you need to build a strong brand with quality because there are other players in the market & you need to keep moving with them. Marketing has never gone out of fashion. With all these you also need to keep your communication with customers, with communication customers never forget you. 

You need to choose which medium of marketing you want to go with. Traditional or Digital Marketing. With this you need to create a funnel which helps to attract wealth & keep following integrated Marketing Process. Don’t forget to personal brand yourself which is very important.

Thank you!!! readers for investing your precious time in reading this article. It keeps me focused on delivering value to you as my reader. If you found this article helpful and enjoyed reading it, please leave your valuable comments/suggestions.