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Solar Decorative Lamp

Safety Information:

Never hold under the shade. Needs immediate Sun light to get the Solar battery completely energized. Remember to keep at least 8 hours under the sun before first time use.

About this item


Hardoll Solar Disk lights are controlled by sun powered energy through the high effective sunlight based board and battery-powered battery. The solar panel converts sunlight into electric energy and charges the battery during day time. The light sensor naturally turns the light on around evening time.


Simple,EASY establishment out of the box!There’s NO HASSLE as there are NO WIRES! Runs totally on sun based powerTurns on at dark,off at dawn! NOTE:This light is just for the surrounding/Decoration purposeDo not get it for utility


This 20 LED Color Changing plate lights have 5 distinct modes to pick your number one tone. Position them on your garden/path for the ultimate in beauty It has to charge min 8 hours before operating. (Advisable to test the solar lights after charging it under the sun at least 8 hours before the first time use)


1200 mAh rechargeable battery provides a bright level of illumination for longer time, which is much brighter than other similar lights for decoration in the market.


No stresses over downpour, snow, ice, or hail. Rough ABS plastic development gives the longest-enduring existence of any LED lights available! The light is outfitted with a waterproof security level of IP65. Made extreme and fixed tight!

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