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Tempered Glass for Samsung Galaxy M31 / Samsung Galaxy M21

Not Returnable

Good Device: Samsung Galaxy M31 | Area of inclusion: Covers full screen aside from edges
Hardness: High hardness level gives insurance from unintentional drop and scratches
Simple Installation: Contains 1 Tempered glass ,1 Wet wipe, 1 Dry wipe, 3 Guide Sticker and 1 Dust Absorber
Extra highlights: Bubble evidence, Scratch safe, Anti unique mark, Anti-glare, Anti-break, Touch delicate

Key Features
Hostile to SCRATCH
Nano Primer covering gives superb cement reinforcing, surface hardness and compound protection from scratches and consumption
Ultra-clear High Definition with 99.9% straightforwardness to permit an ideal, common review understanding
Made with nippa japanses stick, the treated glass ensure a clean and no air pocket establishment at your advanced cell
Round Edges
Safety glass gives 2.5d round edges around all the edges that join impeccably with the regular bend of your telephone’s presentation