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How GuideNCounsel help to make better strategies?


Didn’t find a solution for your product or services to bring in front of consumers or we can say plan you have but didn’t get the right GuideNCounsel to start.

Don’t worry, here’s right place: GuideNCounsel.

We are available with solutions for all businesses whether it’s a small or big business. Every business needs a plan to become successful in the market.


What guide does? Guides give you guidance like google Maps. To reach your destination google maps shows you multiple ways or say route.

Now you decide which route to choose to reach your destination in less time, without facing disturbance in routes like traffic jams, tolls etc.

Same way, we will guide the way for your product or services by making a mind plan.

In Plan, we have multiple options or routes for your product or services to reach the consumers. By choosing the right route from multiple routes.

Deserve for Change


What does counsel do? Counsel do one to one counselling to help you to find the right platform to succeed. Like after completing 10th, most students in doubt which field to take Science, Diploma or Commerce. Counsel help to choose one of those.

After completing 12th students are again in doubt which field to choose now, B.Tech, B.com, B.A. or BBA or anything else after 12th multiple fields got open. Again counsel helps to choose the right field.

Same way, we will counsel the ways to follow the plan. As lots of things come to mind when we make plans. Which Plan is suitable for your business products or services. Here we finalize that.

Questions come to mind when you start Business:-

  • What am I going to do?
  • Will consumers like my product or services?
  • Is my business plan appropriate?
  • What are the scopes of success?
  • Can I really get there?
  • How to plan for your business?
  • How to start or plan a small business from home?

3 pointer Answers

  • Better late than never to plan your business
  • Guidance and Counselling plan never fail for anything
  • Come and Plan for Guide and Counsel for anything.

Principles of Guidance:-

  • All round development.
  • Guidance is a continuous and lifelong process.
  • All Individuals have the right and capability to make decisions and plans

Principles of Counselling.

  • Unique to Individual.
  • Always Goal Oriented and Goal Directed
  • Professional Activity.
Plan early for Counselling session

Which business take benefit’s?

Every business can take benefits of GuideNCounsel. Businesses having either product based or service based.

Running Businesses need to upgrade their businesses with latest changes coming in market. Start up businesses needs to plan out with current market strategy. So, both new or running businesses had to plan with competitors prospective also.

Guide for Start ups

First start up was maradwarayurveda. He want to share Ayurveda knowledge which help people. He didn’t know how to start? and reach to customers. After guidance, he started writing blog.

Second start up was related to Fashion. She want to start something new, searching how to start & share knowledge about fashion, which we all looking for in our daily life. With the help of Guidance, She started writing blog and get motivated to move forward.

GuideNCounsel for Friend :-

My friend is doing an internship with me and very disturbed due to lockdown & frustration with job & internship.

One day my friend called me, and described why & when this frustration started. Due to this, he/she didn’t want to proceed with the internship.

After discussion on points, which made friend uncomfortable. We figured out the main point which was making an uncomfortable friend that time paid more concentration on job & webinars for learning during 2020.

2020 period of lockdown & nowhere to go. Reason lots of people knew still I mentioned reason COVID-19. I think most searched keyword during 2020 & 2021.

Coming back to the topic, he/she didn’t plan for a life schedule, which is the most important part of our life.

If you prepare a schedule, that will help in life to plan your time much more effectively.

Suggestion to my friend from me, start concentrating on current things which you started & must need part of your life.

3 important things:-

  1. Job time
  2. Internship time
  3. Take out time for yourself.

The 3rd point takes out your time for yourself, the most important point. This point you make decisions for your life about what to do, how to do or not to do.

My suggestion to my friend is to take out time, leave everything for a day. Think, why do you start an internship if you don’t want to complete?

After a few days, Guess! What news got from my friend?

News was that a friend got a job.

How did that happen?

An interview call was received, while doing an internship assignment, Which friend is about to leave & don’t want to proceed.


Planning for business or having running business. Then GuidanceNCounsel will help for your business. Like, When you look at your personal life and with the help of someone, you can make better decisions at the right time.

Similarly it’s for business growth , with the help of guidance and counsel you can make better decisions. Even Running business also needs a change in marketing strategy. This can be made only with GuideNCounsel help.

Take that day off from all things, enjoy a day of life, help you to reconcentrate on things & plan out for the future.

Thank you!!! readers for investing your precious time in reading this article. It keeps me focused on delivering value to you as my reader. If you found this article helpful and enjoyed reading it, please leave your valuable comments.