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Show off more important than Life.

In INDIA, 95% population read News Paper in morning. Most of newspaper contains accident news. Reason of Accidents Show off.

If you notice in news of accident of 2 wheelers. Deaths are due non-wearing of Helmets & head injuries occurred

I will tell you the reasons, “Why people not prefer to wear Helmet?

Show Off, without Helmet
Without Helmet & Over loaded of 2 Wheeler


  1. DND (Do not Disturb) – People don’t want to disturb their hair styles.
  2. Showoff – People want to show their hair styles.
  3. Want to break law – People test our law, whether any one catch them or not.
  4. Status – People say, “if we wear helmet our status got down, friends will bully me”

We want to ask people, “Will your hair styles grow again? if you die in accident”

Below are 2 Incidents, I want to share.

Today morning, I stopped at lights on way to my office. A couple came on bike, stop beside my vehicle.

As usual in INDIA most of ladies don’t wear helmet. Lady on bike sitting on passenger seat didn’t wear helmet, she just waving hands in her hair. Gentle man driving bike in spite of wearing helmet. He carried in left arm. Now here question arises, “Whether Show off is more important than self-Life?”

 Almost same type of incident, I will tell & you all will 😀 smile a lot.

One evening, I am coming back from my practice session. I saw a couple on Activa Honda. On which driver, didn’t wear helmet, lady seated on backseat of 2-wheeler wear the helmet. Now everyone thought, why she wore the Helmet. When she didn’t drive the 2- wheeler.

Answer is, she didn’t trust the driving of her husband. 😀 😀 😀

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