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Popular Ulta hath(Wrong Direction)

Popular Wrong Side driving. Ulta hath
ULTA HATH (Wrong Direction)

Today, I want to tell you about, INDIA’s most popular ULTA HATH(Wrong Direction).

Most of times, all we saw many people using the opposite way to reach the destination. In our INDIAN language, we called it ULTA HATH. In other countries, people called it Wrong Hand/Way/Direction etc. Whenever I saw people coming on ULTA HATH, I didn’t understand why they use this option to reach the destination. What so HURRY?

On day, sitting idle, I thought about this. I took example of mine. In which situation’s I can use ULTA HATH (i can use the way which i don’t want to use). Most of times, I used this way due to some Emergency. Then I think what type of Emergency will it be. Will that Emergency be more important than mine life or others life?

After that I think, I need to ask someone or check whether what type of Emergency they must opt ULTA HATH. Few people said, ‘They said following situations.’

Situations: –

  1. To save Petrol/Diesel/CNG
  2. No LAW person watching.
  3. In hurry to reach destinations.

There are lot more situations. Most common situations mentioned above.

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