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Silence of Night!

Silence of Night are like solo part of your life. Like you meditation and lost in world. You are eager to hear sounds in night.

Working in silence is more productive and you will complete all your jobs in less time. Challenging part, you will get silence in nights. No one likes to work in nights. Only if you get something more in exchange to work in nights.

I am also working creature of night shifts. Feeling totally silence around me. No one to talk, no one to hear. You find something to whom you talk, I talk with myself and doing brainstorms. Sometimes i heard voice of train running on tracks passing from city. Birds are calling each others. Went to balcony and found Dogs are calling each other [seems like all they are saying to each other good Night] 🙂

Did you wake up in nights? Did you feel that Silence? If yes, please let me know your story by mailing me, ping me, message or if you did not feel uncomfortable you can share in comments also. I am sharing my story, which i felt on one night, when i walked in night, hear no sound. of Birds, Animals, Train or anything. Seems like I m only Alive! in this Silence of Night.

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