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New Year 2023

Start of the day with travel on New Year 2023. Want to explore Tehri, after heavy Breakfast at Hotel decided to go for a walk before went to drive and visit with family to a water house boat property. Some 4 km walk in hills with visit of tourist destination of water sports.

While walking explored Tourist destination in Tehri is Tehri Dam and Water sport activities like boating, jet skiing etc.

There is government undertaking cottages just about side of Water sport activities to stay with lake view.

Le Roi has 2 properties in tehri, One Hotel at land and another one swim house which is on water. Both locations are some 21 km apart. Even house boat have live performance of music. Best destination to enjoy and start of New Year 2023.

Worth to spend time with family by visiting tehri and enjoy lake view from hotel and house boat visit. Property is worth to stay, only thing house boat stay comes out of budget for most ratio of visitors.

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Did Technology impact on our body parts?

Did you know Technology had great impact on our body parts? Technology made our body parts shivered when ever we are handling to write things on notebooks.

Big example is this blog. Before this technology, we wrote on dairies which keep our body parts active. Now we just open mobile and laptops, sit longer hours to just type and type.

I am in job from past 15 years, i used to work on laptops and mobiles so much. Whenever i tried to doing a signature Hand shivered like we started writing first time and even signatures are so bad, that never met in bank 😀

Keep practice of #writing. One day will come we can’t grip pen or pencil to write something. That one day will come we can say Technology will not Impact on our body.

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Which place is better to work Office or Home?

Answer to the question which place is better to work office or home? My answer should be Home. I can bet approximate 90% people not agree. They prefer to work from office. Reason for that, thinking of people, they can complete their official work better from office. I will say, if we plan our work and daily schedule, we can easily manage from home and get more time with family.

Planning is most important thing of life. Which is very important while Working from Home. Work from home got so much hectic that also in day work, when day passed and night start didn’t know. Work in night while work from home is much enjoyable. All family members are slept. No one to disturb during work.

I will say choose wisely, which one you prefer to choose. Before choosing keep below point in mind. Prefer to work 8-9 hours a day. In INDIA, no company have policy for 4 days working. I read somewhere that few of INDIAN companies thinking about to shift policy of 5 day working (9hrs a day) to 4 days working (12hrs a day).

So work from home or office which one your prefer? Leave in comment your choice.

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Silence of Night!

Silence of Night are like solo part of your life. Like you meditation and lost in world. You are eager to hear sounds in night.

Working in silence is more productive and you will complete all your jobs in less time. Challenging part, you will get silence in nights. No one likes to work in nights. Only if you get something more in exchange to work in nights.

I am also working creature of night shifts. Feeling totally silence around me. No one to talk, no one to hear. You find something to whom you talk, I talk with myself and doing brainstorms. Sometimes i heard voice of train running on tracks passing from city. Birds are calling each others. Went to balcony and found Dogs are calling each other [seems like all they are saying to each other good Night] 🙂

Did you wake up in nights? Did you feel that Silence? If yes, please let me know your story by mailing me, ping me, message or if you did not feel uncomfortable you can share in comments also. I am sharing my story, which i felt on one night, when i walked in night, hear no sound. of Birds, Animals, Train or anything. Seems like I m only Alive! in this Silence of Night.

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Politics of Private Sector


Today, i m going to talk about Politics. As you read in Headline that states clearly about Blog is Politics in Private Sector. Now you are thinking about Politics, that in Private Sector.

Yes! politics of Private sector is much worse than main politics. If you see, politics is now anywhere and everywhere. You can’t ran out from this. Since from joining of private sector, You will be started to get trap in politics. Where you can’t use your mind to increase growth. All that depend on your superiors.

Superiors who doesn’t want to work, just want to enjoy leverage of private sector, you find most. Example, If you see Animal Planet channel, there most of times channel show, “How Lioness attack on prey”. Something like that you will see in private sector.

If you think carefully on above point, i think you also agree with that point. You will see yourself as prey, who are trapped in jungle of private sector. Hunters are very where to attack you. To save your life or hide from them, you are searching jobs, changing locations or try many more things.

Reality, you can’t save yourself from them. Saviour from them is either you just lay down in front of them to save yourself or search self interest work, where you might not get prey of hunters.

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How GuideNCounsel help to make better strategies?


Didn’t find a solution for your product or services to bring in front of consumers or we can say plan you have but didn’t get the right GuideNCounsel to start.

Don’t worry, here’s right place: GuideNCounsel.

We are available with solutions for all businesses whether it’s a small or big business. Every business needs a plan to become successful in the market.


What guide does? Guides give you guidance like google Maps. To reach your destination google maps shows you multiple ways or say route.

Now you decide which route to choose to reach your destination in less time, without facing disturbance in routes like traffic jams, tolls etc.

Same way, we will guide the way for your product or services by making a mind plan.

In Plan, we have multiple options or routes for your product or services to reach the consumers. By choosing the right route from multiple routes.

Deserve for Change


What does counsel do? Counsel do one to one counselling to help you to find the right platform to succeed. Like after completing 10th, most students in doubt which field to take Science, Diploma or Commerce. Counsel help to choose one of those.

After completing 12th students are again in doubt which field to choose now, B.Tech,, B.A. or BBA or anything else after 12th multiple fields got open. Again counsel helps to choose the right field.

Same way, we will counsel the ways to follow the plan. As lots of things come to mind when we make plans. Which Plan is suitable for your business products or services. Here we finalize that.

Questions come to mind when you start Business:-

  • What am I going to do?
  • Will consumers like my product or services?
  • Is my business plan appropriate?
  • What are the scopes of success?
  • Can I really get there?
  • How to plan for your business?
  • How to start or plan a small business from home?

3 pointer Answers

  • Better late than never to plan your business
  • Guidance and Counselling plan never fail for anything
  • Come and Plan for Guide and Counsel for anything.

Principles of Guidance:-

  • All round development.
  • Guidance is a continuous and lifelong process.
  • All Individuals have the right and capability to make decisions and plans

Principles of Counselling.

  • Unique to Individual.
  • Always Goal Oriented and Goal Directed
  • Professional Activity.
Plan early for Counselling session

Which business take benefit’s?

Every business can take benefits of GuideNCounsel. Businesses having either product based or service based.

Running Businesses need to upgrade their businesses with latest changes coming in market. Start up businesses needs to plan out with current market strategy. So, both new or running businesses had to plan with competitors prospective also.

Guide for Start ups

First start up was maradwarayurveda. He want to share Ayurveda knowledge which help people. He didn’t know how to start? and reach to customers. After guidance, he started writing blog.

Second start up was related to Fashion. She want to start something new, searching how to start & share knowledge about fashion, which we all looking for in our daily life. With the help of Guidance, She started writing blog and get motivated to move forward.

GuideNCounsel for Friend :-

My friend is doing an internship with me and very disturbed due to lockdown & frustration with job & internship.

One day my friend called me, and described why & when this frustration started. Due to this, he/she didn’t want to proceed with the internship.

After discussion on points, which made friend uncomfortable. We figured out the main point which was making an uncomfortable friend that time paid more concentration on job & webinars for learning during 2020.

2020 period of lockdown & nowhere to go. Reason lots of people knew still I mentioned reason COVID-19. I think most searched keyword during 2020 & 2021.

Coming back to the topic, he/she didn’t plan for a life schedule, which is the most important part of our life.

If you prepare a schedule, that will help in life to plan your time much more effectively.

Suggestion to my friend from me, start concentrating on current things which you started & must need part of your life.

3 important things:-

  1. Job time
  2. Internship time
  3. Take out time for yourself.

The 3rd point takes out your time for yourself, the most important point. This point you make decisions for your life about what to do, how to do or not to do.

My suggestion to my friend is to take out time, leave everything for a day. Think, why do you start an internship if you don’t want to complete?

After a few days, Guess! What news got from my friend?

News was that a friend got a job.

How did that happen?

An interview call was received, while doing an internship assignment, Which friend is about to leave & don’t want to proceed.


Planning for business or having running business. Then GuidanceNCounsel will help for your business. Like, When you look at your personal life and with the help of someone, you can make better decisions at the right time.

Similarly it’s for business growth , with the help of guidance and counsel you can make better decisions. Even Running business also needs a change in marketing strategy. This can be made only with GuideNCounsel help.

Take that day off from all things, enjoy a day of life, help you to reconcentrate on things & plan out for the future.

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How Event Management can keep you out of trouble?

Introduction to Event Management

Firstly i would like to ask you, Have you ever tried & tested Event Management services or experienced their services?

This is the way of utilizing business the board and hierarchical abilities to imagine, design and execute social and business occasions.

Individuals who have some expertise in occasion the board work with spending plans, timetables and merchants to make the most ideal occasions for their customers.

Experience with event management

“The BIG SHOWZ” one of event management company, who gave me opportunity to work with them during my college tenure or free time. As a result, i can mange my expenses at that time.

With them I visited different locations for organizing different occasions of different customers and really its not easy job. You have to wake up 2-3 days to make occasions memorable for others

My family occasions even they manage with in my budget they planned out. After watched my occasions plan. My companions and family members events likewise oversaw by them.

Event Management Locations


None of the clients regret their decisions to choose “The BIG SHOWZ” to manage their occasions. When they memorize the successful completions of occasions, they surely think about their good selection.


  • Event Management
  • Wedding Management
  • Film Productions


In conclusion, give “The BIG SHOWZ” chance to show talent & make your occasions memorable. They have expand a lot with time. You will not regret. Above all, its your day to celebrate. Without thinking more go & contact “The BIG SHOWZ”


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Why Red Server Host impress you?

Server Host

Where you explore the best & reasonable web hosting? Answer is available right in front of your Eyes “RED Server Host” not only web hosting more other options are available for you to impress. You can also buy domain name from here.

Other facilities to impress providing by Red Server Host are you can club your domain name with Linux hosting they are providing. If you borrow domain from some other sites. Few more facilities available. Below are highlights.


  • Domain reseller programme
  • Register new Domain
  • Transfer Domain

Shared Web Hosting

  • HDD Linux Hosting
  • SSD Linux Hosting
  • FFMPEG Hosting
  • Java Hosting

Reseller Hosting

  • WHM Linux Reseller (HDD & SSD)
  • FFMPEG Reseller (SSD)
  • Java reseller


  • Linux VPS
  • VPS + cPanel Combo
  • Windows VPS

Dedicated Server

  • Unmanaged Dedicated server (HDD & SSD)
  • Dedicated sever + cPanel combo

The Hosting Applications.

1-click to install below apps

You will get access to below Products.

Features & services

Money Back Guarantee

All things considered, this is most normal inquiry that pose by everybody when they buy Linux hosting for first time. It is hard to trust in first endeavour. It is difficult to risk even a rupee, in the event that you don’t get unwavering quality. Trust is acquired with time and this is the reason Red Server web Host giving Money Back Guarantee inside seven days. Your quest for cheap Linux hosting closes at Red server host.

Go Limitless

Linux Web Hosting also includes

Guarantees provided by Red Server Host


Why you thinking so much now? So much features available with better quality & Price. Go grab the offer & save money for next investment.

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The simplest way to make the best of marketing!!!


Let’s start findings about marketing. What does marketing actually mean? Do you know there are laws & fundamentals in marketing? As you experience the perusing beneath, you will become familiar with marketing.

What is Marketing & Components to use?

First you have to know that Marketing is science to sell. We start thinking about marketing before the production of the product starts. During Marketing planning, the below point needs to take care.

  • No fake promises & messages customer likes. Messages should be correct about the product.
  • Decision about when to bring the product in front of the customer.
  • Target Customer.
  • Keep old customers to communicate about products by various ways of communication.

Main components of marketing.

  • Advertising
  • Copywriting
  • Sales

Secrets of Marketing

Position to create.

Main points of marketing are to borrow the trust of customers, strangers who are not customers & create a position in the mind of people.

Example:- I searched for a good internship programme for the past 1 year. Visited lots of sites & Apps. Finally joined now one of the trusted intern programmes. Observed from the past few months lots of people show trust in the Programme.

Evergreen Marketing asset

You are surprised to know that when we discuss a product or something, we are actually marketing for that. You know word to mouth is the biggest asset of marketing 

Example :- we borrowed some product & product worked so well. You recommend the same to friends & family. Similarly, I visited a restaurant where I found snacks better than others. I will recommend my friends to visit the restaurant & order snacks which I tasted.

Perception, Reality and Quality

You will be surprised to know that marketing is perception & product is reality. Example:- we heard that 5G is coming, few telecom operators say that we have tested 5G. We are now in the perception of when 5G comes, these new things going to happen, like surgeons can do operation while traveling. At malls, cars pick parking slots automatically.

Reality will know when these types of products are launched & people start using them.

Few truths in marketing, you need to build a strong brand with product quality in your product category. Market is always competitive, you will find 2-3 players in every field. Point is you need to choose different angles from the market for your growth. Marketing is not an out of fashion thing and not out of source to things. Before outsource for marketing. Marketers should have basic knowledge of marketing.

How to communicate?

As a marketing person, you need to make yourself ready to sell your knowledge, with this you never move out of market. You have to be in good communication with everyone which helps you keep your customers bound to you & help to bring other customers. Try to have a little knowledge of economics to keep yourself updated. You know how to let people spend more. This will also help in the increase of country economics. You should also know, which customer you need to target? 

Target Customer should be who can avail normal facilities & whom income comes into approx. monthly income of 30k or more.

Ways of Marketing

Below table will help to understand the difference between Traditional & Digital Marketing.

Traditional vs Digital

In today’s world, Digital Marketing is possible anytime & from anywhere. We can track responses from customers and even track sales.

Example :- Early morning or late night, you are browsing on social media, suddenly you saw an advertisement about some product. You want to know about that product, you just click on the link, you read about the product & you can buy instantly. No need to even wait for the market to open to visit shops & BUY.

Why is Niche with funnel required?

To be more successful in the market, you have to find Niche & make funnel. Focus on that Niche, you will impress the customer & same help in increase of wealth. 

Niche is a combination of T.M.P (Talent, Market, Passion). Funnel is a combination of CATT (Content, Attention, Trust & Transaction). When you final your niche, you need to prepare content. Once content is ready, the same will attract customers & trust will build. Where trust builds, transactions done chances are higher. 

Below table will help to understand the difference between General & Niche Marketing.

General vs Niche

How to earn Wealth by a process?

To earn wealth, there is a process which is called Integrated Digital Marketing Process. The role of integrated marketing communication is to guarantee the synergic impact between the brand situation and values, acquiring a typical message of all correspondence strategies, sent on an uncommon tone, intended to have the effect among items. Below Image will help to understand the flow.

Integrated Process

Loss Without Personal Branding

Personal Brand

Last one is Personal Branding. How to market yourself to earn mass trust?

Personal branding is very important to make investors impress so that they will invest in your companies or projects. If investors don’t know you, they will take time or might not be interested in investing. 

Example :- I approached my friend to take a project of digital marketing for his Drink Brand. He didn’t show interest in giving projects or investing in me. As I didn’t brand myself in front of him. What did I get? Rejection. From there I understand that I need to learn, How to brand myself.

We can take the example of Mr. Ratan Tata. Everyone knows him. If he went to some company with some people to invest in his companies, everyone would happily invest, they all know him. Now the question is why would everyone happily invest in his companies because he presents himself in the market & he has mass trust with him. 

Below table will help to understand the evolution of Personal Brand.

  • Learn :- Make your concepts clear, Read the facts & Procedures.
  • Work :- What you learn, start practice & implement. 
  • Blog :- Write a blog with the combination of work you done & experience you got.
  • Consult :- Start consultation.
  • Mentor :- Start mentoring others.
  • Startup :- Start your own company.


Books helped in personal growth & Knowledge. Will recommend to read.

Bundle offer available.

Outline :-  

Now you learn about marketing. It is a science which starts before production of Product. Trust, time, target & retention are very important parts. Mainly it is a game of trust with which you can not only retain your old customers but you can bring new customers also. Biggest asset of Marketing is Word to mouth, which never ends. You need to keep understanding that to keep marketing run, you need to build a strong brand with quality because there are other players in the market & you need to keep moving with them. Marketing has never gone out of fashion. With all these you also need to keep your communication with customers, with communication customers never forget you. 

You need to choose which medium of marketing you want to go with. Traditional or Digital Marketing. With this you need to create a funnel which helps to attract wealth & keep following integrated Marketing Process. Don’t forget to personal brand yourself which is very important.

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Personal Growth & Wealth

Personal Growth & Wealth

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An arrangement of world’s interminable masterpieces, this holder set joins the four greatest hits, which have roused perusers for a long time. Loaded down with cleverness and time tested guidelines that are as pertinent in present day times as ever already, these moving books are a verifiable prerequisite examined for every last one of those longing for personal development and wealth.

Got this today and the nature of these book is wonderful on the off chance that you will get it, at that point my proposal is to simply offer it a chance since we spent more on gibberish thing this time burn through 400 bucks for your self-awareness with will help you in numerous parts of life. Simply pull out all the stops . In the event that you are perusing this till now.

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