Bicycle USB Rechargeable Headlight

10 Days Replacement

FASTPED ® 350LM 3 Modes Standard USB Charging 1200mAh Battery Bicycle Rechargeable USB Light with 120db Horn Single Item.

  • Multi reason: 2 need in 1 for cyclist, bicycle horn and cycle front light great execution: 140db bicycle horn, extremely uproarious to attract onlooker and vehicles
  • Utilization: The cycle front light can illuminate in the evening, getting you far from startling openings, garbage, shrouded impediments. The horn can help others to remember your essence in the evening
  • Down to earth: The cycle fog light is waterproof so you don’t need to stress over that it won’t work in the blustery day
  • Application: The bike front light is appropriate for most cycles, trail blazing bicycles, dashing bicycles, professional bicycle, and so on
  • Against robbery: You should kill the light and afterward long press for 3 seconds to switch into hostile to burglary mode

bicycle USB rechargeable light and horn battery-energized 350 lumens, 5 sound modes, 4 lighting modes. bicycle light battery-controlled Eight quality: Smart touch, horn with light 140 db, t6 light spots, split wire, bicycle horn usb direct charge, super bicycle waterproof arrangement, extreme life, a variety of models. bicycle horn battery-controlled Innovative touch switch plan: Sensitive touch switch, second open, easy to use, steady and more waterproof.

Contact switch, easy to turn on the lights. 140 high-decibel speakers: High-decibel call, equivalent to the vehicle speakers, reliably reminded passers-by thought with respect to security. Press and hold the 5-second speaker catch to switch between 5 sounds.

T6 high light touches, piece polycarbonate, high temperature 200 degrees. 350 lumens high-power lighting, an extent of around 150 meters, the life of up to more than 100,000 hours. Metering light source, red metering belt, riding more secure.

Around night time, from the side can moreover see the lights, to ensure security.85 degrees wide light effect. There is no side of the ride. Colossal cutoff battery, constant resistance. Usb charging, charging invaluable, modified charging power, energy saving. Split wire control, brake can without a very remarkable stretch trumpet. Force Supply: Built-in battery/USB connect